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Shops still close for lunch and the general approach to life is much more relaxed.I later heard visitors to the area referred to a ‘inlanders’.There were plenty of trees to break up the rows of caravans and the showers and laundry facilities were good.Yet again, there was a strong wind forecast but Jon (a friend from Southampton) was coming to visit – accompanied by his mum, who lives in Norfolk near Kings Lynn. I like to learn something new and to get new experience.The campsite and caravan park at Wells, with hundreds of mobile homes, wouldn’t have been my first choice for a stop, but as such places go, it wasn’t bad.

After packing up the tent and loading everything into the boat, a camping neighbour kindly helped me pull Stacey the half mile to the sea and I made ready to sail.

Several large brick buildings with Dutch gable ends can be seen in Wells.

It also seemed to me that there was a distinct, island-like and individual approach to doing things (sometimes referred to NFN or Normal for Norfolk).

Erling Grimsrud AS driver hovedsakelig med graving, sprenging, transport og høytrykkspyling. Vi arbeider hovedsakelig mot det private med boligfelt og hyttefelt, men også mot stat, kommune og næringsliv.

Vi er spesialisert innen vei, vann og avløp, men har også arbeidet mye med store og små rivingsprosjekter samt sprengning.

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